End of Year Stats

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On a Christmas walk with my daughter, we looked back at our achievements. It’s a challenging question for an unknown aspiring writer, particularly for someone who has always enjoyed the satisfaction of ‘outcomes’ in work in a previous life. At first, I couldn’t think of any achievements.

But, of course there are achievements. I went home and counted them all up.  I think I will share them. I hope you don’t mind.

In 2014, I wrote 20 new poems. I began six new short stories. I submitted approximately 100 poems or short stories to magazines or competitions (and it takes me ages to make sure I’ve got all the details correct, details not being my strong point) and got rejected by most.  I got published in five publications, and shortlisted twice. I had a 15min fringe play performed. I did three or four readings. I established and organised five successful AT The Edge, Cavan literary evenings, and planned and ran four poetry and writing workshops throughout the year. I wrote 50 odd blogs. God knows how many books I read. And I must have cleaned the house 52 times and cooked 300 dinners. I probably swam at least 150 km and walked 500kms (these last few stats may look desperate but they all require commitment!). I’ve been in London five times this year, five days in Spain and three in the Alps. I have gone to a poetry workshop in Galway twenty times. The odd thing is I still feel as if I am malingering.

New Year’s Resolution: To write everyday ‘I am not malingering’.

I hope 2015 is brilliant for you all!


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