A Short Happy Blog to Tag All

A brilliant weekend of poems, stories, champagne, torrential Galway rain, brilliant Galway sunshine, dancing, Cavan black berrying, and much toasting of election results. It is a haze, a blur. Isn’t it extraordinary how good things bubble into a miasma of fizz and contentment (the champagne helps, I guess) while pain is so sharp and defined?
Anyway, AT The Edge is well and truly launched. I have had to order more copies from Lapwing (which is brilliant) and, I have received my first order from my new seller Amazon account. You can order it from Amazon UK by searching AT The Edge by Kate Ennals. It will come up as in Homes, Kitchens but I couldn’t find an option for Books under my sellers account and I thought: well, home and kitchen is generally where you will find me, so….
Thank you, everyone, for making my launch two weeks, absolutely fabulous (a carefully chosen term), particularly Jeremy Corbyn for winning the British Labour Party Leadership election and appointing John McDonnell Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. John is now where he belongs – that is, until the Labour Party is elected and all our lives will change for the better. To you, me, everybody!!! To the World!

The photo is of Roisin (who made lovely cakes), Joe and myself while we still looked presentable (no glasses on the table yet)!



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