Person Spec for Members of Parliament

After watching the Tory leadership candidates’ debate, I can see why Boris got selected back in 2019. There seem to be few members of the Tory party that have charisma, energy, commitment as well as integrity.

I thought the most interesting person on last nights hustings was Kemi in her bright yellow outfit but, from what I read or have heard of her, I find her political views, particularly on immigration and abolishing the court of human rights, most abhorrent. She reminded me of the ‘bold’ girl at school, always ready with a retort. Tom reminded me of the traditional neat and tidy headmaster who lives in a mock Tudor executive home in Surrey, Richie seemed like the arrogant school prig whose parents drive a Bentley and an Armstrong Sidley, Liz floundered on being asked to stand up and recite her times tables and Penny was definitely Head Girl.

The wavering audience were a motley looking crew too and, in the end, it didn’t seem that the famous five above did much for them either.

I think it is time to recruit our politicians differently. What other profession allows individuals to rock up to the front door and offer themselves up for the top dog position without any suitable qualifications or skills, and then snigger gleefully, all the way to the bank.

So here is my person spec for a Member of Parliament. I’m sure its missing key ingredients but its open to consultation. Please give constructive comments.

We are looking for someone who lives or is from the local area to represent us in Parliament. They must have a good knowledge and understanding of the region, its social history, its key industries, be an excellent good communicator and highly motivated.

Essential criteria

  • To demonstrate a commitment to change and improve people’s economic and social lives.
    • To provide evidence of past engagements which demonstrate integrity and energy
    • To have extensive experience of team working and community development
    • To display a good grasp of the social and economic context of the region.
    • To have strong communication skills, both oral and technological
    • To demonstrate an ability to network effectively to improve the life of constituents
    • To have a strong understanding of governance at local, national and international level
    • To provide evidence of excellent time management skills
    • Driving license

Desirable criteria

  • To have a strong sense of humour

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