Ordinary Life


Nothing to review in particular this last week. I was reading my story, Dead Mother’s Society (well, an excerpt) at The Over The Edge Fiction slam on Friday in Galway. I first this did this last year at the start of my MA in writing. It was a much more enjoyable experience this time round which, I think, reflects how much my writing and confidence has improved. Thank you NUI, Kevin and Susan. Kevin and Susan run Over The Edge in Galway. Every month they have readings and open mics and more. They provide a great artistic outlet. If in Galway, go.

I’m also really enjoying the poetry workshop I facilitate in Cavan on Tuesday evenings. It’s a great group of poets who give each other much sustenance and support. Maybe next year I can follow Over The Edge’s lead and we can start a monthly reading and open mic in Cavan. There’s great talent in the county.

And, I want to mention Parov Stelar. This is a brilliant electric swing musician to whom I listen and dance to every day. I walk and dance The Bog Road every day. This morning I felt like the rabbit without the Duracell batteries – totally out of puff. Parov Stelar got my feet twitching, my arms flowing, my hips and shoulders rhyming and my spirit smiling again. His two albums (are they called that still?) are Coco and Princess. Check him out.


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