Eclectic Art in Cavan

Eclectic Art in Cavan

There is an eclectic exhibition at no. 61 College St, Cavan this weekend which is worth a visit. I love the line drawings by Sally O’Dowd. Most of them are drawn in one or two continuous lines but the sketches are very intricate. I love the idea that the pen has not come off the paper. Very clever.

Jane McCormick’s sick selfies series is grim, but powerful. She captures the sense of powerlessness and pain. I particularly like ‘silence’.

Mark Lawlor’s has a wolf theme going though his exhibits which are quirky and fun. Be warned there is cured hare’s head in a tin. His material amused me.

Pawel Kleszczewski’s pictures are scary. He has drawn 9 scenes from the bible using crayon and charcoal. They are dark but illuminating. I liked them immensely They’d look great in our hall.

Jackie O’Neil’s art is fascinating. She digitally prints an illustration on calico and then enhances aspects of the print with hand embroidery. They are subtle, almost whimsical but at the same time have a strong imprint. The embroidery, although delicate, gives them real depth. I loved the fish in a bowl, the giraffe, and the flamingos.

Finally, the last exhibit I saw was Kaisa Zimmoch though I think Siobhan Harton has an exhibit there but it wasn’t hung when I was there.  Kaisa has constructed a mushroom/toadstool fairy ring out of lidl brochures. You can stand in the middle of it and see what happens. It’s amazing what people do. So clever.

Most of the exhibits are for sale and are very reasonably priced. Great Christmas presents. 


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