Forgotten in Cavan

pat kinevane

I first saw ‘Silent’, Pat Kinvane’s one man show, in Manchester last March. I loved it and was excited when I saw he was performing at the Cavan Theatre Festival. I wanted to see it again not only because of his engaging and mesmerising performance, but also because the humour and wit was very Irish and I am not sure the English audience appreciated the nuances. I would love to know if he thinks this. So far my highlights of the Cavan theatre festival have been the performances of Silent and Forgotten by Pat Kinvane and the interview by Kieron Smith with Padraic McIntyre and Pat McCabe in Blessings. It was direct, refreshing and honest. I also liked Ray Fitzsimmons first film, pacy and funny. I should say, this is all I have seen! So I am a happy bunny despite having spent the week’s groceries on theatre tickets. It was worth it. But I just want to say a few words about Silent and Forgotten or are they about Pat Kinvane? That is the question. In Forgotten he brings to the set four characters, their stories, experiences, dreams, charms, and life shite but somehow he does it through his own person. The character of Pat Kinvane himself never leaves the stage. I don’t mean physically (it is a one man show, he can’t) but his own self dominates the set. Silent is about suicide, prejudice, mental health. These are very difficult topics but Pat Kinevane addresses them through humour, pathos and anger with dignity and grace. He tells good stories. Each character has a tale and Pat Kinevane regales it through conversation. He engages the audience directly, talks to us, is able to ad lib and draw us in. I felt I was a part of each performance. His interaction with the audience is absolutely brilliant. His movement is gorgeous. His body is divine. If I said more, I’d embarrass myself! Today I’m looking forward to The Moogles, Sean Rocks and Philip Doherty! But I’m also hoping that Pat Kinevane is staying around. Can you have old age groupies?


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