Raining Cats, Dogs and Englishmen

So after a deluge yesterday in London where I got so wet, I had to wring out my shoes and stick them in the oven, I am leaving the home town and returning to the Bog. I leave scratching my head.

My old colleague and MP in Islington, Jeremy Corbyn is being set up by the media for a fall, it being the silly season. The screaming hysteria that a left wing person could be elected as Leader of the Labour Party following one opinion poll has been absurd. Not just from the press but from Labour MPs and big wigs (or should they be called ear wigs, it’s the invasive scurrying that causes the metaphor). So I have been asked ‘Would he be a good leader?’ ‘Does he have the experience to run a machine?’ Jesus! I would be delighted if Jeremy could corral the Labour Party around the traditional values of equality, fairness and democracy that they are supposed to represent. ‘But will he resign in four years because I don’t think he will get Labour elected?’ I don’t know, I might be very short sighted, strategically limited, politically naive but I would be happy to have a party led by a left winger who is committed to values associated with Labour, and I may be stupid, but if there was a party who stood up for workers, or i/emmigrants and against the hegemony of bankers and Tory values, they might get elected. I don’t want a party that reflects the Tory agenda in order to get power and I prefer to vote for a party than a person. I’ve seen what happens when politics is personalised in Ireland.

So I am with the Telegraph on this one. Everyone should become a Labour ‘supporter’ for only £3 and get a vote for the Labour Party leadership and vote Jeremy Corbyn. Come on you Tories!

So, having watched and heard Harriet Harman suggest that Labour MPs support the Tory welfare cuts, having heard the hysteria of Labour to the very extremely unlikely position of Jeremy Corbyn being elected, and that many police in North West England are convicted ex-criminals, I return to the back arse of nowhere with some relief.

Won’t be there long though…off to the John Hewitt Summer School in Armagh next week.

The photo is of me taking a leap of faith off a precipice when I was young…thought it was the most appropriate. Not sure I have that confidence now.



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