Raining Cats, Dogs and Englishmen

Forgot the title!

Kate Ennals

So after a deluge yesterday in London where I got so wet, I had to wring out my shoes and stick them in the oven, I am leaving the home town and returning to the Bog. I leave scratching my head.

My old colleague and MP in Islington, Jeremy Corbyn is being set up by the media for a fall, it being the silly season. The screaming hysteria that a left wing person could be elected as Leader of the Labour Party following one opinion poll has been absurd. Not just from the press but from Labour MPs and big wigs (or should they be called ear wigs, it’s the invasive scurrying that causes the metaphor). So I have been asked ‘Would he be a good leader?’ ‘Does he have the experience to run a machine?’ Jesus! I would be delighted if Jeremy could corral the Labour…

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