Over Grown School Boys Play with Planes


It is sad for us oldies who revered Tony Benn, his principles, his ability to articulate them, that his son Hillary Benn provided such succor to the wavering supporters of the British motion to bomb Syria in the House of Commons debate last night and provided the Tories with such a large majority.

Personally, I cannot understand how the Brits bombing Syria will help the situation.  It will only serve to make the life of those living in Britain more dangerous. Doesn’t Paris show us that Isil live abroad too? Has history taught us nothing?

Of course, the bombs in Paris were shocking and horrific. I shrouded my profile in the Tricoleur but as soon as Hollande started bombing in retaliation, I immediately divested myself. I love France. I was born there, but no, in answer to one MP, I would not join my neighbours in throwing stones after their father had been tripped up by the gang down the street, just because they asked me.

Of course the killing and maiming activities of Isil needs to be addressed though I am still confused as to why their attitudes are what they are? But let’s leave that for the moment. Are our intelligence agencies not clever enough? Can we not stop trading arms and starve them of resources? Are our politicians not able to address the political issues? Can we not address and re-examine Western motives?

I find it very hard to work these issues through because the sub agenda of arms, oil and western hegemony are never named. Why will we bomb but not put in boots? What are we going to do long term? What is the vision? The arguments last night were  high felutin and full of hyperbole, not to mention sentimentality. It makes it very hard to understand what is going on. And I can’t bear to listen to what looks like over grown school boys high on ego and war fever.

So I turn my back on their world. Mind you, it is not so difficult living in the backarse of nowhere where soft morning mists,  afternoon sunsets and black night skies are so beautiful and peace is so precious.


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